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In the UK, 4.9 million people live with diabetes1. New survey data from Abbott shows that 73% of people with diabetes in the UK have seen stigmatising behaviour towards the condition2 which negatively impacts their emotional wellbeing and can lead to worse health outcomes3,4.

We need to act now. It’s time for everyone to change perspective, confront unconscious bias and reduce the stigma around diabetes. A condition predicted to impact 5.5 million people in the UK by 2030.5

Let’s Change Perspective aims to tackle diabetes stigma by examining the impact of unconscious bias and provide helpful tools. The campaign has been developed by Abbott, with expert support from the diabetes community.

Together, we have developed a practical guide to tackle diabetes stigma starting to change the conversation and, hopefully, perspectives.



As the number of people living with diabetes continues to rise, we launched the first UK–wide survey of both people living with and without diabetes to understand the lived experiences and public perceptions of diabetes stigma.

The results show the general public doesn’t recognise examples of stigma in everyday life, despite the majority of people with diabetes experiencing it, suggesting quite widespread unconscious bias exists.2

Take a look at the highlights from the Let’s Change Perspective survey data.

Third-Quarter - 2022 Results


Some members of the UK diabetes community have shared examples of their experience with stigma and how they think their experiences could have been improved. Take a look below and share your own #LetsChangePerspective story on social media



Microscopic view of cells with purple nuclei.


By coming together to confront unconscious bias and reduce diabetes stigma, we can begin to change perspectives and improve the emotional wellbeing of people living with diabetes.

Whether you’re living with diabetes or not, it can be difficult to know how to call out stigma. That’s why we’ve worked with representatives from the diabetes community to develop the Let’s Change Perspective Guide to help everyone feel able to address and confront unconscious bias in the here and now and reduce the stigma around diabetes.

Created in partnership with people living with diabetes and Deborah Christie, Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Psychology & Consultant Clinical Psychologist, with input and guidance from Diabetes UK, the guide provides practical steps that we can all take to tackle diabetes stigma.